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New Breed Training Center


Established in November 2004, New Breed Training Center initially started out as just a group of friends with one simple mission statement. Our goal was to be able to bring together a group of friends and change the way we trained. We loved Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wanted an open environment in which everyone had a voice and everyone was able to contribute — as a result, New Breed Training Center was born.

New Breed Training Center is the culmination of what has been years of dedication, hard work, and friendship. We are happy and honored to share what we’ve learned with you.



At New Breed Training Center, we believe that in order to best achieve everyone’s goals, the most important component is your training environment. We have always dedicated our efforts to maintain the quality of the environment in which all of our members train; ensuring that everyone “gets better together.”

  • Confidence

    Grow your confidence by reaching new heights at New Breed Training Center
  • Respect

    Everyone at New Breed Training Center is equal and just as important as every other person on the mats.
  • Family

    Everyone at New Breed Training Center is part of a family that wants you to achieve the best you can!


  • This is the best place to train, be humbled, and become a champion. It’s the most fun you can have being beat up.

    Marcell Varciag


  • The instructors compete and have firsthand knowledge of how matches actually take place and then give you that knowledge in simple, helpful drills.

    Alex McClead


  • I make the almost two-hour drive during rush hour to train and every time it is 100% worth it.

    Jim Fritz


  • No one ever said they wished they'd started training BJJ later in life, so come on in and train!

    TK Oates


  • Great gym, great members, coaches, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I have been a member for about two years, and the experience has been life-changing!

    Patrick Sullivan


  • Mark and his students welcome everyone with open arms. They do not care if you are from another team; they just love jiu-jitsu. I can't speak highly enough about Mark and his team.

    Jason Bender


  • Great people teaching great jiu-jitsu. Everyone here at New Breed was welcoming and friendly. A great place to learn and grow.

    Arturo Delbosque


  • New Breed is a place that my 11-year-old looks forward to going to daily. His confidence, energy, and demeanor about himself have been awakened.

    Tori Mcfarlane-Failma